In a world where mental health is increasingly at the forefront of our conversations, it’s essential to share stories of transformation and healing. At Within, we’ve embraced a groundbreaking approach that combines the ancient wisdom of ceremonial psychedelic-assisted therapy with a modern, comprehensive integration program. This unique blend has profoundly impacted the lives of many who sought our help. Hear directly from our members about their transformative experiences with ketamine-assisted therapy at Within. If you’re considering Within for your own journey towards wellness, the experiences shared here may provide the insight and encouragement you need to take the next step.


The Within Center has completely changed my life. Within is such a beautiful place in so many ways. I can’t begin to describe how grateful I am for finding this place. I came to the Within Center in such a dark place- I was so lost and broken. I was extremely stuck in my healing journey, coming from a past filled with trauma that years of therapy could not fix. After going through their month long retreat program, I’ve been able to completely change my life. I’ve been able to process my traumas, remove any blocks, and emerge as a completely different person in the best possible way.” Colleen R.


Most transformative environment I’ve ever had the pleasure and privilege to be a part of. Everyone at Within changed my life in one short month of staying here, doing the retreat. I loved every class, every hour, every minute. This is TRULY a place for introspection, and healing.” Brooks T.


Within is a true healing sanctuary! You walk in and feels like home. The staff is loving, welcoming and experienced. There was a lot of preparation and intention setting which I personally find essential before going into a psychedelic experience! I felt really safe and held by the guides. They did a great job enhancing the experience with their magical tools! Really valuable experience and nice reset!” Tamara S.


“The level of care and support is unmatched.”

“Within is the right place if you’re seeking a holistic approach to your mental health treatment. From the moment you walk in the door you feel the peace and love in the house. It’s a beautiful, comfortable, peace-filled setting. You feel it from the staff, every single one. Everyone make sure you are supported all the time and the level of care and support is unmatched compared to anywhere I’ve ever been treated.” Jo D.

“Healing is a journey, Within Center made that possible.”

“It literally changed my life. I don’t know much about psychedelics… But all I do know is that I was given back self love and my family was so ecstatic to hear my true voice once again! Healing is a journey, Within Center made that possible.” Victoria H.

“I learned how to start having compassion for myself.”

“I had little experience with psychedelics going into this, and had some fears. What’s clear from the beginning is how committed everyone is to facilitating a positive experience that you can grow from. At Within, you’ll learn how to utilize these experiences and how to integrate them into your life. I learned how to start having compassion for myself and what a healthy mind/life looks like” Ryan C.

“Within Center is not like other Ketamine clinics, it is a healing center in the truest sense. What a loving container of professionals dedicated to healing their fellow humans! Every time I go in for a treatment, I can feel the warm positive energy of love emanating from the very building. I always feel supported and safe to go within.” Patrick S.

“They’ve literally changed my life over the past six treatment sessions.”

“I went to the Within Center almost totally debilitated by anxiety and trauma. They’ve literally changed my life over the past six treatment sessions. I loved the gentle kindness and compassion shown by everyone involved in the process. Ashley, my guide, was the most awesome spirit I could have ever hoped to have had go with me through my sessions. David was probably the best therapist I’ve ever had as well.” Anonymous review

“I was blown away by my experience here. Just walking into the center, I discovered a sanctuary of calm and beauty that set me at ease. The staff and guides were so kind, welcoming and patient. I felt cared for in the deepest sense.” Heather R.


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