Patients Are Finding Relief Through Legal Ketamine Clinics Like Austin-Based Within

This article originally appeared in Austin Monthly Magazine here:

By Madeline Hollern

As psychedelics and alternative therapies continue to undergo study, clinics like Within are beginning to illuminate the benefits of psychedelic therapy.

Four years ago, Within Founder and CEO David Naylor acknowledged that his life checked all the boxes – but something still didn’t feel right.

“I was sober, I had children, I was in a relationship, I had success, yet I was just not aligned,” he says. “[Then] I sat with psychedelic therapy, and it was like 20 years of therapy in one session.”

Armed with his life-changing experience, the entrepeneur – who had previously owned drug and mental health treatment centers – founded a ketamine clinic called Within in 2022. During the sessions, which last around an hour, patients are blindfolded and asked to lie down as the psychedelic is administered via an intramuscular injection. (In addition to the medically guided sessions, the clinic weaves in elements like breathwork, sound baths, and meditation for optimal results.) Categorized as a dissociative, the Schedule III substance has been studied by institutions like Johns Hopkins for its ability to treat an array of ailments, including pain – a little bit of [seeing] the forest instead of the trees – and that’s the way you can process those feelings,” Naylor says.

Within holds a vision of a new landscape in healthcare. We imagine and work to realize a paradigm shift in how we collectively view ourselves and our lives; our wholeness, our wellness, and our quality of life.

Centrally located in the heart of Austin, TX, Within is working with other leaders in the quickly-evolving space of psychedelic therapy to help people overcome unhealthy dependence, improve their mental and physical health, and promote introspection, growth, and healing. The clinic combines the latest in psychedelic therapy and functional medicine in a space designed for contemplation, exploration and integration. The guides at Within work with you to curate a program built to both facilitate healing and access higher potential.