In the evolving landscape of mental health therapies, psychedelic therapy stands out as a beacon of innovation and hope. It offers a unique approach to healing, intertwining ancient wisdom with modern science. At Within, we are at the forefront of this transformative journey, pioneering methods that not only ensure safety but also enhance the therapeutic experience.

Psychedelic therapy, when conducted in a controlled and supportive environment, has shown remarkable potential in addressing various mental health issues. At Within, our commitment extends beyond the conventional. We embrace a holistic approach, tailoring each session to the individual needs of our clients, ensuring a journey that is as personal as it is profound.

Principles of Set and Setting in Psychedelic Therapy

The core principles of ‘set and setting’ play a pivotal role in psychedelic therapy. ‘Set’ refers to the mindset of the individual — their emotional and psychological state. ‘Setting’ is the physical and social environment in which the therapy takes place. At Within, we meticulously craft both to create an optimal therapeutic experience.

Preparation and Personalization:

Before their journey, each patient at Within has a preparation call with their guide. This call focuses on setting expectations and intentions, ensuring a personalized approach to the therapy. Our guides are trained to understand and adapt to the unique needs and aspirations of each individual.

Ceremonial Settings:

We believe in the power of rituals and ancient practices to create a profound therapeutic environment. Our sessions are conducted in spaces that are far from clinical; they are warm, inviting, and spiritually enriching. Patients find themselves in a ceremonial setting, where the ambiance aids in their introspective journey. Patients are also encouraged to bring personal items that hold significance for them. This could be anything from a photograph to a piece of jewelry, helping in creating a familiar and emotionally supportive environment.

In this way, Within ensures that the ‘set and setting’ are meticulously aligned with the therapeutic goals, fostering a journey of healing and self-discovery.

Medical Screening and Monitoring

To ensure the safety and suitability of our members for ketamine therapy, Within conducts a thorough screening process. This includes both psychiatric and medical intakes, allowing us to understand each individual’s unique medical history and mental health background. We carefully assess factors like uncontrolled high blood pressure, which can indicate that ketamine therapy might not be suitable. By understanding each person’s medical profile, we tailor our care to minimize potential risks.

Supervised Dosing and Delivery

Ketamine therapy at Within is marked by precision and personalization. Our approach is tailored to meet the unique needs of each patient, ensuring a safe and effective experience.

Individualized Dosing: Doses of ketamine are carefully determined by our nurse practitioner during the medical consultation, considering each patient’s medical background and therapeutic goals.

Administering the Therapy: Once the patient feels ready to start, expressing their intentions for the journey, ketamine is administered intramuscularly by our nurse. This method reflects our commitment to creating a controlled, respectful, and empathetic therapeutic environment.

Monitoring During Psychedelic Therapy Sessions

At Within, we prioritize the safety and comfort of our patients during psychedelic therapy sessions. This commitment is reflected in our comprehensive monitoring practices.

Constant Guidance and Support: Each patient is accompanied by a dedicated guide throughout the session. Our guides are trained to provide support, reassurance, and assistance whenever needed. They are the cornerstone of our patient-centric approach, ensuring a secure and supportive environment.

Medical Supervision: A nurse practitioner is always present at the clinic. Vitals are monitored before, during, and after the session to ensure the physical well-being of our patients. This vigilant oversight is key to our safety protocol.

Through these practices, Within ensures that each session is not only transformative but also conducted with the highest standards of care and safety.

Therapy Team Collaboration

A holistic approach is crucial in psychedelic therapy. Our team at Within, comprising therapists, medical technicians, nurses, and integrationists, collaborates closely to provide comprehensive and cohesive treatment.

 Our clinicians are trained in ethical guidelines, recognizing the importance of:

– Treating ketamine as a mental health treatment.

– Providing specialized care throughout the treatment.

– Emphasizing the importance of integration.

– Maintaining compassion, honesty, and clear communication.

Integration and Community Support

Integration is a vital aspect of the psychedelic therapy process at Within. We encourage each patient to attend our community classes, providing a platform to share experiences, reflect, and apply the insights gained to their lives. This supportive environment fosters a deeper understanding and more meaningful transformations.

Written by Sarah Castro

Reviewed by Dr. Meredith Aistrup, N.D.
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