Why is psychedelic therapy linked to feeling alive, connected, healthy, and joy-filled?


Recent clinical studies have shown, psychedelic medicines have high levels of efficacy when paired with treatments like therapy and guided sessions, in treating depression, post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD), anxiety, addiction, fear of death, and a range of other challenges.

While psychedelic healing is an emerging frontier of modern Western mental health, recovery and wellness, it has been an integral part of many Indigenous cultures, which have used psychedelics to receive wisdom and offer healing to their communities for thousands of years.

Many people around the world are exploring bridging therapeutic modalities and treatments with expanded states of consciousness to treat and heal shame as well as personal, ancestral, and collective trauma.

WITHIN is more than just a medical clinic, we bring the ancient traditions and merge them with western medicine for our patients to receive the wisdom, healing, intelligence, and integration of psychedelics and plant medicine.

Our programs offer an opportunity to expand your awareness and consciousness, to discover ways to deepen your inner healing, safely, belonging and connect authentically with others on the collective healing path, as you find that healing within yourself.


Our programs offer the opportunity to explore a conscious Journey Through Psychedelic medicine and therapy, at our clinic or immersive Retreat Center in the heart of Austin, Texas.


Each day living at our retreat center or as a patient in our licensed medical clinic, has been thoughtfully programmed to offer you a deeper understanding of the emerging world of sacred plant medicines, your journey within, and psychedelic-informed healing. You’ll discover and be provided with powerful integration tools to support you on your journey while in our care.


With Gratitude,




David Naylor

CEO | Within