in Austin, Texas

At WITHIN we create a safe, home-like environment where vulnerability and sense of belonging necessary for growth and healing are possible. Combining psychedelic medicine with highly experienced trained medical staff, we specialize in supportive care focused on positioning the patient as their own guide along their healing journey.

A message from Clinical Director Brittany Castaneda, MSN, FNP-C

The medicine

Ketamine: A safe and legal psychedelic that works

Ketamine is a prescription medication that is clinically demonstrated to treat anxiety, depression, PTSD, pain and other mental health-issues. It can encourage healthy neural pathways and its short duration and minimal after effects make it ideal for therapeutic use.1

The Journey

An experience designed to heal, uplift and transform

Our expert team guides you every step of the way with a personalized program that’s grounded in science, based on proven practices, and optimized to help you break through the obstacles holding you back from fulfilling your potential.

We are committed to being a patient, positive, and supportive ally throughout your journey.

1L. Alison McInnes, Jimmy J. Qian, Rishab S. Gargeya, Charles DeBattista, Boris D. Heifets, A retrospective analysis of ketamine intravenous therapy for depression in real-world care settings,
Journal of Affective Disorders, Volume 301, 2022, Pages 486-495, ISSN 0165-0327,



The clinic combines the latest in psychedelic therapy and functional medicine in a space designed for contemplation, exploration and integration. Our staff will work with you to curate a program built to both facilitate healing and access higher potential.


Speak with a member of our team and schedule an initial consultation


Our staff works with you to come up with a personalized wellness program


Your experience is guided by clinicians and trained facilitators


Integrate your experience with ongoing support


15% off for returning clients, conscious living clients and veterans



  • 1 Medical Consultation
  • 1 Preparation Session
  • 3 Guided Ketamine Sessions
  • 3 Integration Sessions
  • 2 IV Drips



  • 1 Medical Consultation
  • 1 Preparation Session
  • 6 Guided Ketamine Sessions
  • Integration Program ($6,500 value)
    • 6-week Integration Program
    • 3 coaching sessions
    • 3 therapy sessions
    • 6 community events per week
    • 4 fitness trainings per week
    • 4 IV therapy drips

Integration Program

$3,000 (50% off – $1,500/mo for extensions)

One Month Program 

  • 3 coaching sessions  ($600)
  • 3 therapy sessions ($800)
  • 6 community events a week ($1,000)
  • 4 fitness trainings per week ($1,000)
  • 4 IV therapy Drips ($1,000)

($4,400+ value)

Blood Work Package


  • Initial 60-90 min intake
  • Functional Lab work 
  • Personalized wellness plan with supplemental & nutritional support
  • 45-60 min follow up

Individual Coaching | Therapy Sessions

  • Single 60 minute Integration Coaching Session – $125
  • Single 60 minute Therapy Session – $150
  • Single 90 minute therapy session – $200


Centrally located in the heart of Austin, Texas


Our clinic is in Central Austin close to the University of Texas campus and just minutes away from the Greenbelt Nature Trail and Barton Springs Pool. We love our city and community and know you will too!


612 W 22ND ST. 

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