Psychedelic Therapy for Sex Addiction

Sex Addiction

Sex addiction is one of the most difficult issues to talk about. There is a great deal of shame placed on sex. This drives many people into secrecy where it can be very difficult to reach out for help. 

Sex is one of our most powerful biological drives, influencing much of the neurochemistry of motivation. With over-sexualized imagery everywhere and pornography ubiquitously available, pornography addiction is one of the quietest epidemics of our time. Engaging in risky sexual behavior and entering into destructive relationships is a signpost for us to look within and how we view ourselves.

Finding a Healthy Relationship to Sex

Whether you’re wishing to reorient to a healthier sexuality, create more intimacy with your partner, or feel in better control of your emotions and actions, psychedelic-assisted therapy at Within can help. 

Within looks forward to offering MDMA-assisted psychotherapy upon its approval by the FDA, which is fast approaching with many phase 3 clinical trials reporting significant results. MDMA-assisted psychotherapy has demonstrated effectiveness in addressing trauma and PTSD. The feeling of safety and trust created by the therapist, client, and medicine makes for a powerful experience.

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