Psychedelic Therapy for Eating Disorders

Eating Disorders

Our relationship to food is one of our most primary, its impact on us greater than most anything else. Food literally comprises our body, and how and what we eat are often clear signs as to how we feel towards ourselves. Our therapists and psychedelic-assisted therapy protocol can help you regain a sense of agency around your relationship to food and help you to feel more at home in your body.

Obsession and Compulsion

You may be struggling with eating too much or not enough, but there is a preoccupation with food, body image, and sense of self. When we are dealing with food issues, it is often a sense of deprivation, of not being good enough, a fear of not being loved, that we are communicating through our obsession with eating or withholding. 



The facility and team at Within is a potent combination for confronting the underlying issues that manifest in our eating patterns. Through psychedelic-assisted therapy, clients can return to the scene of traumatic events with professional support and guidance. By recontacting these past hurts in the space of pychedelic-assisted therapy, you can gain new insights, understandings, and relationships to them, as well as feel safer and more at home in your own body. When you return, our professional nutritionists and medical staff will help to identify the foods you enjoy and need to live a healthy, happy, and energetic life. 

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