Psychedelic Therapy for Codependency

“In romantic love, you fall in love with someone and you say ‘I am in love with him’ or ‘I am in love with her’ meaning that person is my connection to the place in myself where I am love for I can’t get there by myself. I need you. I am in love with you. Because when I come near you I feel that place in myself and I don’t feel it unless I’m around you; I am in love with you.” – Ram Dass


Codependency is a form of addiction to people in our lives, where each reinforces the limited, separate, and often painful aspects of our identity. Just like someone struggling with substance addiction, someone in a codependent relationship feels like they cannot live without the other, while the other in the relationship harbors resentment but is likewise dependent on the feeling of being needed. And while it happens often in romantic relationships, we can have codependent relationships with family, friends, and coworkers as well. 

As it is with substance addictions, the persons involved in codependency are using each other as conduits to places within themselves where they are love and they are loved. Because this is not reconciled internally and spiritually, it results in pain and disappointment. There is no substitute for loving ourselves. 

How Psychedelic Therapy Can Help With Codependency

Psychedelic-assisted therapy can be a powerful medium for finding that place in oneself where one is love and one is loved. Through careful guidance through the psychedelic space, we can find those instances in our lives or our birth in which we cut ourselves off from the eternal and powerful source of love within. 

While MDMA-assisted psychotherapy is still being verified by the FDA, Within is committed to offering this medicine in conscious and ethical manner once it becomes legally sanctioned. The immense feelings of love, connection, and trust supported by the medicine of MDMA are powerful remedies to those that struggle finding love for themselves. Within Center provides a safe and nurturing container set by gifted and experienced clinicians within the confines of a beautiful and intentional space.

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