Tranformative healing combined with the power of community

Our Integration and Community Program is truly a one of a kind program that offers everything someone needs to be on a plant medicine journey with us. With over a combined 30 years of experience between our team, we bring our tribe, our integration, our best practices, and all the love and consciousness we have awakened within ourselves to our clients, to YOU. 

A personal care liaison to support your healing

Weekly integration coaching and therapy

Fitness and wellness classes and workshops

Regular community activities and events

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We have designed an integration program that has so much value to our clients who go through our Medical Clinic Protocols and our Sacred Ceremonial sessions. Every client is assigned a care liaison who is also your personal integration coach. You will have a prep session with your guide before your first guided ketamine session, and you will also receive a call from your integration coach who will be with you throughout the entire program. 

This coach will be here with you, supporting you, walking with you, helping you integrate your journeys and sessions, because it’s the deepest work you can do to go Within, into your own subconscious. Along with your coach, you will be provided with several community integration classes each week, and fitness classes every week. You will have IV therapy sessions included and most of all you will have a community and real support as you go into this exploration and discovery of yourself, which is the bravest work someone can do.

Lastly, there’s more. We give you 6 psychotherapy sessions with our highly trained therapist on staff who has been in this medicine work for a long time, to ensure that you get the best integration support possible.

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True transformation requires a strong commitment to integration and a clear plan to create change in one’s life. 

Our Integration & Community Program offers an ideal container for this sort of transformation.

We do this through supporting people at the level of the body, the mind and the heart. We offer health and wellness services to care for the body, community events and workshops to care for the heart, and coaching/therapy for the mind. 

Psychedelic Medicine is one of the most effective ways to approach the inner journey of transformation and personal growth, and we’ve found that the value one gets from working with these sacred substances, is only as much as their willingness and ability to integrate and do the work to create tangible changes in their life. 

Our program is designed to help people integrate psychedelic and other life-expanding experiences and to give people all the tools and support they need to step boldly and consistently into their new life. If you’re ready for change and are willing to do the tangible work to care for your body, mind and heart, then this is the program for you. 

We know how hard it can be to do the inner work required to create your best life, when busy with the inevitable stresses of modern life. We put together this program to provide you with the structure needed to thrive in your health, wellness and relationships.

Our Integration Team has been sitting, healing, growing and cultivating safety and belonging together for many years. As lifelong seekers, all of us on the Integration Team looked externally for many years to find the answers, healing, and growth we were searching for. Many of us worked in and looked for answers through traditional paths like Religion, Personal Development, Recovery & AA, traditional therapy, books and seminars. Several years ago, we all met when we began to go Within ourselves to find these answers and healing, and we began to sit in sacred ceremony, blind fold psychedelic therapy with John Hopkins and MAP’s trained therapists, group journeys, trips to Peru and Costa Rica to sit with ancient traditions and we found two things in common: that we were all connected, and that the answers, healing and consciousness we were always looking for were within us the whole time. 

Most places out there do not offer this kind of integration support. While some places offer limited integration calls post-experience, that is the extent of the support. With our Integration Program, you will receive all of us who have been in the community together for several years and all of our resources that we can bring to you to offer you the support you need.


A day in the life at Within is like being in a sanctuary for healing the mind, body and soul. 

At Within we have created a program which can support anyone needing an extra layer of care during their healing journey, no matter where they are at. We combine community events with experiential learning, functional blood work analysis, coaching and therapy so that our integration community can receive the most potent, welcoming and well rounded support throughout their time with us. 

Our integration staff has come together to create daily classes and workshops to allow for our clients to take any significant insights or learning that they have received over the course of their healing journey and bring it more fully into their daily lives. 

Our aim is to help people create new ways of being, feeling and thinking. 

We wish for people to remember that they belong and that they are capable of whatever, and whoever they desire to be. With the support of our integration team we believe that anyone can continue the journey of remembering who they are.

Integration & Community clients have access to a number of weekly community groups, outdoor adventures, and social gatherings, as well as 1:1 therapy, 1:1 integration coaching, fitness classes and Functional Medicine.


15% off for conscious living clients and veterans

Integration & Community Program – $3,000

One Month Program

  • 3 coaching sessions  ($600)
  • 3 therapy sessions ($800)
  • 6 community events a week ($1,000)
  • 4 fitness trainings per week ($1,000)
  • 4 IV therapy Drips ($1,000)

$3,000 (50% off – $1,500/mo for extensions)


One Month Program

The two month program consists of classes, workshops and sessions with our healers, staff and community. Here are just a few of the many classes we offer: sound baths, yoga, breathwork, ancient hape ceremonies and more. For more detailed information please contact

Integration Coaching

Included in this package you will also be paired with an Integration Coach. Your coach will be selected based on your initial assessment with our guide. This is the highest ranking Psychospiritual programs out there. Your coach is your liaison through your healing journey at Within. 


In addition, you have regular therapy sessions. Our therapist has been through his own healing journey and specializes in the integration of psychedelics. This gives you the space to truly air out anything you have. As well as drop that weight off your shoulders that has been bearing you down from being your true self. 

Fitness Training 

Next, you get 4 fitness training sessions with our personal Trainer Michael Gregory. He is a local legend in fitness. These classes are in a group setting in the outdoors of nature. After you take a cool dip into the local springs to regenerate your nervous system and soften the neuroplasticity in your braIn. 

IV Therapy 

To top it all off we provide 4 IV Hydration therapy drips. These are essential to perfect health. Our vitamin infusions are tailored to what you would like and what your body needs. They vitalize, restore and give energy to your body. Also we offer NAD therapy. This truly gets into your cells to regenerate the body. 


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Sarah Turrentine

Director of Integration | Integration Coach

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Luke Carver

Admin | Integration Coach

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Shannon Grossman

Integration Coach

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David Burks


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David Naylor

Integration Coach


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Our clinic is in Central Austin close to the University of Texas campus and just minutes away from the Greenbelt Nature Trail and Barton Springs Pool. We love our city and community and know you will too!


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