Give yourself one day to discover the healing potential of ceremonial psychedelic medicine.


Our day retreats provide an opportunity to go within among a small group of peers and community members. The group psychedelic experience is filled with intention, love, and a focus on your deep healing and well-being.

Austin Ketamine Clinic

Professionals Retreat

Our intention is to provide an open space for professionals in the mental health space to experience the benefits of ketamine therapy.

Veterans Retreat

Our intention is to provide a safe space and experiences for veterans to recover from ptsd, anxiety and depressions.

Community Group Retreat

Co-Ed: our intention is to provide a community space for men and women to share in a transformative and connected experience.

Corporate Retreat

Our intention is to provide a space for expansion, growth and connection with driven teams to make a lasting difference and find alignment with their collective vision and effort.

Retreats Include:


  • Introductions, intention setting
  • Blue Lotus Tea Ceremony
  • Ceremonial Psychedelic Experience
  • Sound healing


Ketamine Austin
Austin Ketamine Clinic