At Within, experience and learn how ancient cultures have long used sacred plant medicines as powerful tools for healing and initiation — and understand how these teachings inform modern practices, such as psychedelic-assisted therapy.

At Within, you’ll understand how psychedelics are poised to shift mental health treatments as they move from the underground to legal treatments thanks to pioneering scientific research and studies thanks to the Veterans, the university’s like John Hopkins, and the MAPS foundation.

Is plant medicine and psychedelic therapy a new path to healing in the West? At Within, you’ll learn what fundamentals are a responsible use of sacred plants and psychedelics across traditions — from the Amazon to the modern clinic.

You’ll discover ways to become your own best healer, to feel safe within, the heal your nervous system, to explore psychedelics as an ecosystem, and understand how to respectfully connect with the wisdom of sacred plants — from living through dying… and beyond.

At Within, you will experience a range of deep transformational practices and sacred rituals across lineages and ancestral heritages, prioritizing healing. These practices and rituals aim to expand your consciousness, promote inner and outer transformation, and awaken creativity.


Plus, you will learn how to safely connect with the wisdom of sacred plants — without needing to ingest any medicine — through prayer, ceremony, integration practices, and sessions that bridge modern techniques with ancient wisdom traditions.

Explore the role of sacred plants and psychedelics in dreams, breathwork, meditation, movement, and more as you discover tools for integrating your experiences into your daily life, during your stay or clinical program at Within.

You’ll learn how to bring the wisdom of sacred medicine out into the world, including the emerging field of psychedelic-assisted therapy and the role integration plays in helping to heal anxiety, depression, shame, addiction and fear.

You’ll be in good hands with our clinical team, from our medical director, to our nurse practitioners, to our guides and therapists, who have been in deep service of connecting the ancient and modern healing power of plants and psychedelic medicines for many years.