Our Mission

We provide safe, transformational healing modalities that combine ancient and western practices for those looking to access and unlock the potential within.

Our Philosophy

We help people go within to rediscover their own wholeness. We do this by providing access to all the tools and resources needed to go within, to heal, and to remember.

We provide treatments and resources of the highest quality, that are safe and reliable and based on the most up to date research and information.

We do this because we believe that Trust is an essential component for all our stakeholder relationships to foster mutual success on all levels.

We endeavor to always show up with compassion, respect, and kindness, in a way that is generous and that acknowledges our interconnectedness and the light each person holds within.

We provide means of accessing healing modalities to a wide range of people, regardless of their economics.

We acknowledge the Earth, for all that she provides, and look for ways to honor and demonstrate our care for her.

We seek to make a tangible contribution that greatly improves the health and quality of life of our stakeholders. Success, within and without.

We believe through our growth and profitably we can support more individuals in reaching their own wholeness and their potential.

We operate on the principle of interconnectedness, and because of this we see our success as the means to success for all our stakeholders.

We seek to continually expand our reach in how we serve, activate, and empower both our stakeholders and the larger collective.

We do this through outreach and assistance that allow more people to access the support and guidance we provide.

We believe that a paradigm shift in healthcare is happening, and we commit to being a trusted leader in this new landscape.

We recognize the great responsibility of being a leader and a guide to our clients and communities, and we embrace this opportunity to lead and serve.

We are excited to be ground breakers, trail blazers, and change makers.

We seek to embody and express our core values of Reliability, Caring, Success, and Joy as we lead and serve.

Leadership, within and without.

Joy, within and without.

We joyfully celebrate the human spirit.

We joyfully embrace curiosity, learning, and discovery.

We joyfully acknowledge ancestral wisdoms, wisdom keepers, and their communities.

We joyfully encourage innovation, exploration and discovery.

We joyfully honor the Earth and all those we share this home planet with.

Our Vision

Within holds a vision of a new landscape in healthcare. We imagine and work to realize a paradigm shift in how we collectively view ourselves and our lives; our wholeness, our wellness, and our quality of life.

We envision a future of possibilities, of freedom from our limitations: of freedom from the limitations without, of freedom from the limitations within.

Our Purpose Within

We seek to be a leader of the next frontier; the internal exploration within. We seek to catalyze discovery within the infinite realms of our subconscious. We seek to be a leader in the transformation of how we imagine and address both our mental health and our physical health. We seek to do this in a way that is big and new, with tangible measurable success for all our stakeholders.

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A message from our CEO

We believe we are the creators of our reality and that we have the ability to heal ourselves. As the old age saying goes, “healer heal thyself.”  We believe in healing the nervous system and the trauma that’s stored within our bodies. Finding safety, connection, belonging and coming “home” to ourselves is of utmost importance. Our psychedelic therapy medical clinic is one of the top tier programs in the world.  All of our staff are on their own healing and awakening journeys, including a leading medical director, functional medical doctor, top notch nurse practitioners, clinical therapists, guides and integration coaches.  With backing from science, research of psychedelic therapy has found that it softens neural plasticity creating new neural pathways that can help shift old habit loops, patterning, and behaviors that in turn change people’s entire lives.  When the habit loops, patterning, and behaviors start to shift, consciousness starts to awaken and expand at rapid rates. 

Our medical clinic uses functional medicine including blood work, gut health reboots, and IV hydration therapy to ensure the “whole” client is being treated.  Our retreat center offers immersive integration experiences to ensure clients the time and space necessary for proper integration. Our integration and community program offers fitness classes, 1:1 coaching, 1:1 therapy, sauna sessions, cold plunges, integration classes, community events.  We also have  sober living housing for our clients who wish to step down and live within our community whilst continuing their integration process.  This aspect allows for them to continue getting the support they need while building up their community.

Here at Within we believe in a new paradigm of recovery and healing.  As clients move through our program addictions start to become a distant thing of the past as they begin to tap into their own life force energy.  By tapping into this endless source of infinite energy, they will find balance and deep connection within themselves they likely never knew existed.  They will feel safe and connected with others and most importantly within themselves.  They will begin to walk in their truth in full alignment with their higher purpose.  Life will take on a new meaning as they move forth on their path as recovered men and women embarking on their missions to help heal the Earth in this time of collective awakening. We are not addicts for life. We do recover and here at the Within Center, we believe in nothing short of full recovery for our sacred brothers and sisters.