A headshot of our medical director, Eric Miller, M.D. at Within Center

Eric Miller, M.D.

Medical Director, Within Clinic

We are well overdue for a healing revolution. Being a part of the traditional medical model for over 13 years as an Internal Medicine physician, I’ve witnessed the rise of technology and the excessive complicating of care, in effort to promote healing. I’ve watched in frustration as medication lists grew longer while the bandaids being applied by myself and colleagues, shrivel and fade, along with hopes and dignity of those they’re applied to.

With the growth of this system has also come the diminishing of both the art of healing, as well as the disempowerment of the key component and true primary healer; the patient. The traditional medical model places emphasis on external factors, healthcare practitioners and medications; factors outside of the patient, to bring about change.

Sadly, traditional medicine’s attempts at evolving, in this professional’s opinion, has resulted in a distancing of one’s self from one’s health.

It’s my absolute honor to be a part of the rise of a new way. Through a model that places the patient at the center of it. Understanding that true transformation involves unlocking doors that can only be discovered within ourselves. Growth is not a process of covering-up and merely coping, but of breaking thru and liberation.

At WITHIN we have created a safe, home-like environment where the vulnerability necessary for growth and personal transformation are possible. Masterfully utilizing psychedelic medicine, coupled with highly experienced staff specializing in supportive care focused on positioning the patient as their own guide along their journey.

It’s time to simplify in order to evolve. What you’re looking for is found WITHIN.

WITHIN is a place where we remember; a place where we release. It’s a place where we redefine what it means to grow and transform.

Welcome to WITHIN.

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